About us


But, since you are here, we are part of the V + O Communications Romania group

and we formed as a team in an organic way.

We complete our personalities and hobbies, and this makes us complete ourselves professionally.

Yes, we all have a broad perspective on what is happening in this business, but everyone is an expert in their field, and that helps us a lot and makes us feel that we are part of an organism, each with its own role and no role more important than the other.

But what describes us the most is that we are human. There is, from our point of view, no better business growth system than the one born of human relations.

Let us get to know each other and discover how we can grow together.

"We do not limit the challenges, we challenge the limits. We like to overcome barriers, get out of the comfort zone and think out-of-the-box. ”

Cătălin Zecheru
General Director
"Each project brings us something new, it challenges us to think differently. I feel lucky to be able to do this every day and I am happy of every customer’s satisfaction.”

Cristina Ciucă
Senior Art Director
"We all have a dynamic personality, and the best part about our job is that we never get bored. We are always looking for new ideas, new concepts, new strategies, which makes each product delivered to be unique."
Lorena Marinescu poza
Lorena Marinescu
AV Producer