Event Logistics and promo material production

We offer you the optimum mix of logistics for any type of events, whether it is a press conference, product launches, sales conferences, festivals, sport events or any event where your brand needs and unique presence.


Under the umbrella concept that we build together, we deliver:

  • Invitations / Teaser for participants, with graphics adapted to the event.
  • Stage decoration integrated and adapted with the technical equipment used in the event.
  • Decor de scenă integrat și adaptat cu echipamentele tehnice folosite în desfășurarea evenimentului.

    Because your brand’s presence in the most beautiful moments for your customers requires very demanding standards, which tells the story in a unique way, we make sure to deliver according to your expectations:

  • Guiding Elements
  • Concept and execution of spaces for activations adapted to the event

    We accurately outline your active presence in the sports arena and the support you provide to athletes, teams, or sporting events with: Banners, flags on the route of the event or on the playing surface. Personalized equipment - T-shirts, shorts, or completely customized sports equipment. The concept of awards galas, from the venues of the festivities to diplomas, cups, and medals.