Publicity production

We offer you the optimum mix of logistics for any type of events, whether it is a press conference, product launches, sales conferences, festivals, sport events or any event where your brand needs and unique presence.

We choose carefully, we calculate preferences, consider the context, we build awesome package and create emotional moments among the employees, collaborators, fans or winners of the promotions you carry out. We create various collections of promo materials and fully customizable gifts, adapted to newest technologies, with optimal delivery, accessible according to any budget.

Your projects will start to shine, regardless of the desired circulation.
We will guide you through optimum choices and printing solutions, perfectly adapted to your needs.

Your brand’s DNA must be represented in a unique and efficiently manner. Your brand must wake an emotion in your customer’s heart, that will further win his loyalty and make him feel pleased of his interaction with your brand’s values. 

With a very rich experience in complex arrangements of exhibition stands, we come to your aid with the design, design and production of the stand in the fairs and exhibitions you want to participate.

We faced a lot of challenges, both technical and conceptual, in simple or extremely demanding locations and each time we managed to reach the highest standards of execution. What makes us the right choice? We propose a unique design, we deliver fast and affordable, all under an innovative creative concept.

POSM, short for Point Of Selling Material, is one of the most efficient way to attract new customers. Your brand’s presence at the selling point must be unique, exemplary, and matched with the place where it is being sold. The combination of shape and colour, especially chosen to draw attention, to interact and support the communication between the consumer and your brand, creates an emotion and a memory that subsequently provokes loyalty.