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In business, the world is influenced by people different from it.

And yet, we all identify with each other. Because we like the original, because we like unique people. We are convinced that the secret ingredient of any successful project does not mean to follow the path trodden by many, neither being different for the sake of being different. But to be yourself.

Uniqueness is the secret ingredient of each successful brand’s DNA.

There is no pattern that we apply to every project we work on, and the communication strategy is different for each project.

We develop customized solutions based on the brand’s DNA, message, target and many other things that we take into consideration, which always leads to a result desired by all our customers: being visible in a UNIQUE way.

We made a purpose out of exceeding our customer’s expectations

Is there any doubt that everything must be delivered quickly and affordable? It is a fact that can be deduced from the dynamics of business that our clients carry out. We are used to deliver yesterday; we have adapted tactically and logistically to deliver services quickly and affordable.


And that comes with all usual strictness that follows. We have zero tolerance for errors and we strongly believe in the perfection of quality, especially since the object of our activity is the image you care about the most: the image of your brand. And once we turn everyone’s attention to your brand, we make sure it looks impeccable.


Innovative creativity, that is what we like to call the filter through which all our suggestions we give you, turn into complete solutions for the requirements and needs of your brand.


We plan and analyse together your business needs, according to objectives, time, and budget, then develop the most appropriate concept.


We offer you multiple communication strategies and concepts, depending on your requirements and we analyse them with you from headlines to implementation. We are also including the budget, agenda and deliverables


Regardless of the project’s complexity, once we established together what and how we will communicate, we deliver the communication materials executed according to highest standards: flawless execution, promptitude, professionalism and creativity.


After establishing the most appropriate communication concept, we propose the delivery details of the communication package: delivery hours, promotional materials and logistics services.

What our clients say:

We have been working together for many years. The quality and professionalism of the audio-video production services offered by V + O Communications have always been above our expectations. The diversity of projects carried out together requires a good understanding of the business and the delivery of audio-video production services by V + O Communications, each time as promptly, creatively and impeccably executed confirms that we work with professionals, for which we are very happy!
Ruxandra Vodă
Corporate Communications Director at Telekom Romania
For us, meeting deadlines, quality of execution and creativity are decision factors when we purchase custom production services, and Unlimited Production meets all these requirements.

Ileana Zamfir Vista Bank
Ileana Zamfir
Senior PR Specialist – VISTA BANK
Location branding projects that we developed together with Unlimited Productions have always been successfully completed. Biggest strengths that make us continue to do busines together are the people from the Unlimited Production team: professionals, creative, always willing to listen, help and adapt to brand requirements and the speed of execution imposed by the dynamics of the business we carry out. I strongly recommend!

Odette Draghici
Trade Marketing Manager at United Romanian Breweries Bereprod (Tuborg Romania)