Audio-video production

People become smarter when they start to listen. Same as your customers, the moment you communicate with them. It is most important that your presence on TV or online to be relevant, impeccable, full of interesting content to your brand audience. The way your brand representatives are present on the media emphasizes the principles and values of your company, and we are fully aware of this.

Modul în care reprezentanții brandului tău sunt prezenți „pe sticlă” subliniază principiile și valorile companiei tale, iar noi suntem perfect conștienți de acest lucru.

Original Branded Content
Experential & Interactive Media

We are not exaggerating at all when we say that the future of marketing and advertising is at the intersection of technology, programming, and video production.

We are a team of visual-storytellers and everything we build for your brand has a good story behind it, exposed at the highest quality.

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Brand Identity

We build the identity of your brand, whether it is a 2D or 3D logo, graphic package, animated headlines or 3D product image, from the smallest pixel to colouring, animation so that your brand looks sharp in absolutely any circumstance and from any perspective.

Welcome to viral field.

We have the team, the experience, the equipment and enthusiasm to turn Social Media into fertile ground for viral video productions.

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Media streaming poza

Did we say that people become smarter when they start listening? We did. But it is worth repeating it because, when all eyes are on your brand, the slightest mistake becomes visible.